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Community Rules
Respect others:We are a community, and we are all here to play a game. Please be respectful in tone and communication with others. Disagreements happen but being an asshole is not okay.

Culture of Consent: Because of the mature content and the cooperative nature of the game we hold a strong consent rule. You should never do anything to another player's character, or shift the scene in a way that might cause discomfort among those involved without their explicit consent beforehand. If someone does not want something/ makes them uncomfortable do not do it. Period.

Sexual scenes: Please keep sexually explicit scenes to either FADE TO BLACK or in private chat, messages or otherwise. We don't care if you like to run those scenes, just don't leave them lying around for everyone else to see.

Cooperative Storytelling: This site aims to run a community and cooperative storytelling venture. In the spirit of FATE we will be aiming to have everyone involved in shaping the world and plot. As such discussion about the game and the direction of the narrative is encouraged and welcomed to make this the most enjoyable game for all.

Storytellers: The storytelling staff is here to coordinate sessions, run scenes and answer questions. The staff aims to make the most enjoyable and cooperative storytelling experience possible. However we remain the final deciders on any arguments, or rulings. If you disagree with storyteller choices please bring it to us respectfully; we want to help.

Transparent Process: We hold a transparent process policy here at Naukati Lake, that means all character information and choices made by the Storytellers and community are open to all to see. Players should make their characters choices and goals well known ooc. We believe that keeping everyone in the know will make for a more enjoyable experience and help us make fun narrative choices.

Mature Content: This is World of Darkness and there is going to be some really dark content, from supernatural horror, graphic violence and more. This game especially will be playing with themes of the cycle of abuse and cultural violence. If you don't feel comfortable exploring the themes of this game this might not be the game for you. Terrible things might/will happen to the characters in this game, death, injury, insanity,etc. We ask players to embrace that in the cooperative nature of the game, but also know we are okay with you saying when you are not comfortable. (See the consent rule)

The Golden Rule: HAVE FUN! This is a game and it’s intended to be a enjoyable storytelling experience, remember to have fun and be fun!