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The Law of Silence
Members of the Freehold may not speak of the Freehold, Changelings, or the True Fae to mortals.

The Law of Hospitality
Any building that is marked by the Freehold as a place of hospitality is open to all Freeholders as a safe, defended space. If a Changeling is in need, they may claim sanctuary for a single day before they may be harmed or asked to leave. In return, Freeholders are expected to abide by three rules: never use a contract on an unwilling Freeholder, honor your promises, and commit no unprovoked violence upon each other in these locations.

The Law of Ensorcellment
No mortal may be enchanted by a Freehold member.

The Law of The Sun
No member of the Freehold may drop their mask or use magic before the eyes of mortals before the sun has set.

The Law of the Gate
None may enter the Hedge without permission from the reigning sovereign or by a tax of blood.

The Law of Clay
Watch, protect and handle Fetches with care.

The Right of Voice
Members of the Freehold are allowed to air their grievances before the reigning sovereign and have trial for any wrong doing.

The Right of Hollow
All members of the freehold have the right to obtain and maintain their own Hollow within the hedge.

The Right of Motley
Freehold members have the right to the binding of a motley.

The Right of Dreams
No Freeholder may enter a Freeholder's dreams without express permission of the dreamer.

The Right of Claws
A Freeholder may not be slain while unarmed.

The Right of Wyrd
A Freeholder may call on the Right of Wyrd if they are dissatisfied with a sovereign's ruling on a dispute. The Right of Wyrd calls for a hedge duel or a casting of bones to determine their fate.

These are examples of what a sovereign may rule as punishment
for the breaking of a Law or infringement on other Freeholders' Rights.

Oath of Debt
The Changeling swears an oath to owe a debt for the sovereign or wronged party.

Oath of Hunger
A Changeling is banned from harvesting glamour for a set amount of time.

Oath of the Thrall
A Changeling is forced to serve as a thrall, a title of dishonor. They are at the bidding of either the sovereign or wronged party until the allotted time ends.

Curse of Frailty
The sovereign places a Frailty or ban upon the guilty party. The time and severity of this ban depends on the crime. (Examples: can't cross moving water, burned by salt, cannot enter a church, must eat only raw meat,etc)

Curse of Nightmares
The guilty are plagued with crippling nightmares. Often this lasts until they beg for forgiveness.

The Price of Blood
A major punishment for severe crimes, the guilty party has flesh and blood removed for their crime, the removal of a hand, ear,or eye is common.

The Whispering Cave
The guilty party is banished to the Whispering Cave with no weapons. If they are found within the cave the next dawn their punishment has been served. Few return, those who do are rarely unchanged.