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Courts and Philosophies

The Courts

The Philosophies

Bridging the seasonal lines of the Freehold are two long lasting philosophical traditions that have helped to maintain balance. Known as the Philosophies of Day and Night, they are a set of ideals, mind sets and viewpoints that shape the Lost of the Freehold. These ideas mimic the ideas of the Seelie and Unseelie.

The Creed of Righteous Day
Justice, judgment and order are at the core of the ideals of Day. They believe that it is through order and law that they are able to maintain their dignity and purpose. Those of the Day believe that keeping to the Laws and Pacts of the freehold keep it undeniably safe, and breaking these sacred bonds is immature and dangerous. While they don't always agree with these laws and view some as dangerous, if not offensive, to their ideals they understand sacrifices are made for the greater good. While not true to all, a good deal of those who align themselves with this viewpoint believe it is through upholding law, order, justice and virtuous act that they keep their human soul intact.

The Ideology of the Maddening Night
Freedom, chaos and independence are the lifeblood of the Night. The children of the Night look to what they have become at the hands of the Wyrd and embrace it. Through acting on impulse, sowing chaos, and reveling in their fae-like nature, they believe they keep the deep protective magick of the Freehold alive and strong. They understand the laws of the Freehold are sacred and many embrace them as such, some even believe the use of the ancient pacts are moderate and more would be even better. Children of the Maddening Night see the beauty in their fellow Lost, seeking to nurture their faerie nature. Some see themselves sd entirely inhuman and have little empathy for the mortals of the town, though others still hold onto such ties despite knowing that they can never truly be human again.