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We have converted the NWoD contract trees to fit a more FATE style stunt system. We paired down the trees to three step ladders, trying to encompass the idea of the desired contracts, and made a few adjustments to the mechanics as noted below.

Cost: All Contracts are at a cost. A Character must either spend 1 fate point, 1 mental or physical stress to activate a Contract.
Catch: A changeling may call on a contract's catch to avoid paying a cost. To do this the player must use the Create an Advantage action to create a “Catch Aspect”. If successful, the character may spend the invoke of the Aspect as the cost for the contract or use that aspect like normal. Some Catches aren't aspects but instead are situations. If the situation is fulfilled the contract can be activated at no cost.
Bans: If the requirement of the Ban is triggered, that aspect is placed upon the changeling. Bans are negative in nature and can be compelled to show the consequences of a changeling's choices.

General Contracts

Contracts of Dreams
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Forging the Dream • On a successful roll, the changeling may build a dream for the target. When the target awakens the effects of the dream are represented by an aspect with one invocation. Wyrd contested by target’s Will
Cobble Thought •• On a successful roll the changeling may draw forth one item from the dream of the other. This item is represented by a Aspect and lasts the scene. The item’s Aspect appears with a single invocation, or two invocations on an Exceptional Success. (Catch) A scrap of dreamer’s bedcloth Wyrd (DL 2) plus situation modifiers
Dreamstep ••• The changeling instantly travels from the location of one dreamer to another. The changeling may target an exact location, but will appear out of the dream of the dreamer closest to that location. (Catch) Memorabilia from the dream No Roll

Contracts of Hearth
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Fickle and Favored • The changeling grants a +2 or -2 to the target's next roll; this can be used on oneself. (BAN) Twisted Fate: if this is used to augment the same skill twice in a single day the target receives Twisted Fate, which the storyteller can compel at any time. Wyrd (DL 1)
Beneficent Fate •• The changeling succeeds their next action with no roll (this is considered 1 stress shift if used in combat) (BAN) Twisted Fate: if this is used to augment the same character twice in a single day the target receives Twisted Fate, which the storyteller can compel at any time. Wyrd (DL 2) plus situation modifiers
Triumphal Fate ••• The changeling succeeds their next action with a Success with Style. (This is considered a 3 stress shift if used in combat) (BAN) If this is used to augment the same character twice in a single day the target fails a roll of the storyteller's choosing by a margin of -3. No Roll

Contracts of Mirrors
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Skinmask • The changeling may alter their flesh and features to look like another person. The changeling may create an aspect to represent their new "identity". A possession of the duplicated person. Deceive (DL 2)
Transfiguration of Flesh •• The changeling manipulates their body's shape to either grow larger or smaller. The changeling gets +1 to Physique, Athletics or Stealth for the scene, representing their new form. A stolen garment, of the desired size. Wyrd (DL 2) + situational modifiers
Oddbody ••• The changeling may alter their body in inhuman ways, such as growing long claws, bark like skin, or elongated legs. This can give the changing 1 of 3 features for the scene: a 1 point value weapon, a 1 point value of armor, or an aspect representing the change. Consume the threads of a caterpillar's cocoon. No Roll

Contracts of Hours
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Thief of Days • The changeling alters the flow of time around an object. On a Success, the object can be frozen in time for a scene. On a Success with Style the object either ages rapidly and is destroyed, or rejuvenated to a former state at the changeling's will. Knows the name of a now-dead former owner Craft (DL 2) + situational modifiers (such as age of the object)
Flickering Hours •• The changeling is able to alter the time dilation between the Hedge and the Mortal world. She can cause time to pass either faster or slower in the Hedge, with the degree of difference based on how many successes she rolls.
Successes, Time Differential
1 success, x2
2 successes, x3
3 successes, x4
4 successes, x5
5 successes, x6
Smash a timekeeping instrument Wyrd (DL 2) + situational modifiers.
Leaping Toward Nightfall ••• Through a simple touch, the changeling can push a target through time. The target seemingly vanishes and then returns to the same place at a later time; to the target no time has passed. The distance of time the target is thrown is dependent upon shifts dealt (The changeling can choose a lower result if they wish)
1 shift = 1 turn
2 shifts = 1 minute
3 shifts = 1 Scene
4 Shifts = 1 day
5 shifts = 1 week
Used when the target is touching or moving through a gateway into the Hedge Wyrd Vs target's Will.

Contracts of Moon
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Lunatic’s Knowing Glance • The changeling can become aware of any mental or Clarity consequences the character in question is suffering. On a success this grants the changeling 1 invocation on the consequence of choice. Success with Style affords 2 invocations or an additional invocation on a new consequence. Changeling is dressed and behaving like a medical professional Investigation vs target's Will
Touch of Bedlam •• With the slightest of touches the changeling can plague the mind of their target. On a success the changeling creates an Aspect of a mental ailment for the scene with 1 free invocation. On a Success with Style, the Aspect gets 2 free invocations. Target broke an oath to the user Empathy (provoke vs targets will
Lurking Insanity ••• The changeling places a latent mental consequence upon the target. This consequence is triggered by a predetermined event. On a Success the target receives a Mental consequence on the first available slot. The changeling may compel this consequence once for free when the predetermined event occurs (even if the changeling is not present). On a Success with Style, the changeling may bump the consequence up to the next available slot. Target betrayed a close blood relative Deceive vs target's Will

Contracts of Omen
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Reading the Portents • The changeling looks upon their target and sees a vision of the most significant, emotionally important event in their life in the next few months. This creates a vague aspect, that a player or storyteller can compel to make come to pass. Success with Style makes a more defined Aspect. For example “Tragic Accident” could turn into “Tragic Car Accident” You hold the target's hand while attempting the contract Empathy (DL 2) + situational modifiers
Vision of Disaster •• The changeling sees a vision of a tragic twist in fate moments before it happens. This allows the user to reboot the last round of actions, giving the changeling the aspect “Awareness of the Future” with one free invocation for the next round. Success with Style gives 2 invocations and allows the changeling to act anywhere in the turn order. A trusted friend or ally suddenly betrays the user Notice (DL 3) + situational modifiers
Tying the Knots of Fate ••• Through a ritual a changeling may alter the fate of a single target; the ritual takes the better part of an hour. On a success the user may place a Fated Aspect upon the intended target. This Aspect represents the fate to occur in the next month and drives them towards that possibility. Success with Style creates an additional fate Aspect. Have a lock of hair or blood of the intended target Have a lock of hair or blood of the intended target.

Contracts of Smoke
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Nevertread • The changeling leaves no tracks, or can leave the tracks of an animal of their choice. Swallow the eye of an insect or animal Stealth (DL 2)
Shadow Patch •• Shadows seem to cling to the changeling, making them hard to see. The changeling receives +2 to all Stealth rolls for the scene. An hour hidden from rays of the Sun Stealth (DL 2) + situational modifiers
Light Shy ••• The changeling becomes invisible for the scene and gains the Aspect “Invisible”. A meaningful lie to a confidante Have a lock of hair or blood of the intended target

Contracts of Fang and Talon
(This tree can be taken multiple times to represent different animal attunement)
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Tongues of Birds and Words of Wolves • The changeling can speak to the animal of attunement for the scene Give the animal a new name None
Beast's Keen Senses •• The changeling gains an Aspect representing a sense of the animal they are calling upon. This aspect has 1 free invoke, 2 invokes on a success with style and latest the scene. See or touch the imitated animal type Animal Ken (DL 2) + situation modifiers
Cloak of the Bear's Massive Form ••• The changeling morphs into the shape of an animal for the scene. They are granted the aspect “Form of the (BLANK)” and can invoke it at no cost whenever its associated skills are applicable. For example “Form of the Bear” can be used to show feats of great strength, its powerful claws, or tough hide. In the natural habitat of the Animal and can touch it. Animal Ken (DL 3) + situation modifiers

Contracts of the Wild
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Wild Whisper • The wilderness around the changeling alters to aid them. The changeling may reduce the situational modifiers on a survival roll or increase the modifiers on an opponent. 1 per shift of success. Spent the night sleeping outdoors. Survival DL 2
Viridian Embrace •• The changeling calls upon nature to aid her efforts. They receive +2 to an action related to Athletics, Physique, Notice or Stealth. On success with style a boost is granted. The changeling is coming to the aid of a mortal. Survival DL 2 + situational modifiers
Calling Nature's Wrath ••• The changeling calls upon the forces of nature to aid them, shifting the weather or environment to do so. This is an attack to all Zones in the scene = number of shifts of success rolled. This damage can be soaked by armor but not avoided. Furthermore, this leaves the aspect “Nature's Wrath” on the scene.(Further attacks of this nature require another cost and roll) In the territory owned by the Changeling. Survival DL 3 + situational modifiers

Contracts of Darkness
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Creeping Dread • This clause lowers of the target's resistance to fear or intimidation. All Aspects relating to fear or intimidation, used by you (or an ally if you desire) are at +3 instead of +2 when invoked. Used to frighten intruders within your dwelling. Provoke (DL 2) + situational modifiers
Boon of the Scuttling Spider •• This clause allows the lost to climb, run, walk up walls, and other surfaces like a spider. Collect a wad of spiderwebs between your fingers. No Roll
Touch of Paralyzing Shudder ••• The Lost fills the target's body with involuntary shudders of fear and revulsion that causes them to move more slowly and clumsily. All physical actions taken by the target are at -1. Target is alone and already afraid of the changeling. Provoke vs targets will.

Contracts of Communion
(May be purchased multiple times to represent different elemental attunement)
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Primordial Voice • The changeling may communicate with the attuned element. Once communication is established they can ask basic questions of recent information. Success allows for questions that occurred within the last day. Success with style allows for questions within the last week. The character makes a minor offering to the element Rapport DL 2
Distant Connection •• The changeling can scry through her element and sense through their element in the local zones (storyteller discretion), allowing her to effectively hear or see through that element. On a success with style the changeling can alter the element mildly, such as having electrical sockets spark, or water to splash, or a face to appear in embers. The character wishes to share the senses, or ask a favor, of an example of the element she is extremely familiar with: the wood or air in her home, the metal in her car, etc. Notice DL 2 + situational modifiers
Elemental Ally ••• The changeling can imbue an element with intelligence and animation. The element can only become animate for a single scene.(NEEDS MORE) When first using this clause on the element, the changeling negotiates with the element, promising some service or other payment in return for having the element as a temporary ally. Successfully bargaining with the element and paying its price are the catch for this clause. The favor asked is invariably hazardous, arduous or expensive Rapport DL 3 + situational modifiers

Contracts of Elements
(May be purchased multiple times to represent different elemental attunement)
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Cloak of the Elements • The changeling is protected from their element entirely for the scene. A character protected from fire doesn't mind the heat, a changeling protected from water doesn't feel the cold or get wet. In addition, a character subtracts their Wyrd in shifts from all damage dealt by the element in question. On a success with style they add +1 to their Wyrd for handling damage done by the element. Create a handmade symbol representing their element and wear it Physique (DL 2) + situational modifiers
Elemental Summoner •• The changeling can call upon their element and control it for the scene The changeling creates an aspect with one free invocation representing the Element for the scene, such as Blazing Flame, or Dancing Electricity.,This aspect represents the control of the element and can be invoked to represent its abilities. The character uses their own skills to represent the extension of the element, however they can do things they couldn't before.,Success with style creates two free invocations Area completely dominated by the element Empathy
Become the Primal Foundation ••• The changeling becomes a living embodiment of their element. This lasts for a single scene, while in their elemental form the changeling receives an aspect with one free invocation called “Body of elemental (BLANK)” Representing their new form. Along side this The changeling gets To increase a number of physical skills equal to their Wyrd to represent their new form. Must sit and contemplate a large amount of the element for at least half an hour immediately before Wyrd (DL 2)

Contracts of Reflection
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Reflections of the Past • The changeling can look into any reflective surface, from a mirror to a pond, and see anything that has been reflected there in the last week. On a success with style it can be from the last month. The mirror belongs to someone the user has a close connection to. Investigation (DL 2) + situational modifiers
Mirror Walk •• The changeling can step through one reflective surface (large enough to fit his entire body) and out of a similarly-sized surface that he has touched, and that his whole body has been reflected in for at least one minute. On a success the changeling is able to cross through the mirror portal once. A Success with Style allows the changeling to pass back and forth at will for the entire scene. A blood relative is currently being reflected in the surface out of which the character is stepping Athletics (DL 2) + situational modifiers
Stealing the Solid Reflection ••• The changeling can reach into a surface and remove the reflection of any object. The object becomes solid once pulled through. Most items will be represented by an Aspect with an invocation. Weapons or armor take on the stats that are most fitting. On a Success with Style the changeling receives a boost. The removed object is owned by someone indebted to the changeling Burglary (DL 3) + situational modifiers

Contracts of Separation
Title Description Catch/Ban Aspect Skill
Tread Lightly • The changeling can partially remove herself from gravity’s influence. She can walk or run over any solid surface even if it would not normally support her weight, such as tissue paper, thin panes of glass, water, etc. On a Success With Style the changeling is unable to take damage from falling for the scene. Wearing delicate footwear which would be ruined without this power. Athletics (DL2) + modifiers
Breach Barriers •• The changeling can walk through any closed or locked door or window that he could fit through if it were open. For any additional individual the changeling wishes to bring through the barrier, they must hold their hand. The difficulty increases by one per person added to the chain. Deliberately imprisoned by another changeling. Burglary (DL 2) + modifiers
Elegant Protection ••• Attacks swerve to avoid the changeling and the changeling looks elegant and poised in the heat of combat while using this Contract. On a success the changeling adds half their Wyrd to all defend actions. On a Success With Style the changeling adds their full Wyrd. This lasts for one scene. The changeling is unarmed and does not attempt to attack their opponent (if they do attack the cost becomes 2 Fate Point and is spent immediately) Athletics (DL 3) + modifiers.

Contracts of Vainglory

Contracts of Oath and Punishment

Contracts of Stone

Contracts of Artifice

Contracts of Forge

Court Contracts

Contracts of Eternal Spring

Contracts of Fleeting Spring

Contracts of Verdant Spring

Contracts of Eternal Summer

Contracts of Fleeting Summer

Contracts of Punishing Summer

Contracts of Eternal Autumn

Contracts of Fleeting Autumn

Contracts of Spellbound Autumn

Contracts of Eternal Winter

Contracts of Fleeting Winter

Contracts of Sorrow-Frozen Heart