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Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

Post by Mavspade on Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:24 pm

Character Creation Rules:
Character creation is a cooperative process here on Naukati Lake. When you’ve finished the character creation process you should have not only a character you enjoy, but someone who is part of the Naukati community, linked to at least two other Player Characters, and part of a motley. This process will require you to talk and collaborate with other players on the site. This is part of Naukati Lake’s transparency model, we believe secrecy belongs In Character, not Out of Character.

Step 1: Pitch one to three character ideas to the character pitch thread, found here. A pitch should essentially be A High Concept and Trouble, with a some further thoughts and ideas that could make your character interesting. See if anyone is interested in the concepts and would like to involve your character in a motley with theirs. Once you have narrowed down to a concept you want to play and have an idea about who comprises your motley, we move to next step.

Step 2:  Write your backstory! The backstory should have these components.

  • Life prior to their Durance.

  • The Durance itself, their time in Faerie, and how they came by their Seeming and Kith.

  • Their escape from Arcadia, back into the mortal world.

  • A connection between your character and another Player Character. (You’ll draw your Relationship Aspect from here!)

  • Another story that connects you to a second Player Character.
    Elaboration on any interesting story or character concepts regarding the character.

We would like to see each of your character’s aspects reflected in their backstory somehow, and writing a backstory can give you the perfect inspiration for the character’s aspects.

Step 3: Fill out character sheet.
-Aspects Pt. 1: Come up with your character’s high concept and trouble aspects.Name: Name your character.
-Aspects Pt. 2: Write down each of your aspects drawing from your back story experiences.
-Skills: Pick and rate your skills. Each character gets 2 Great, 3 Good, 4 Fair and 5 average skills.
-Stunts: Each character gets 3 Stunts
-Contracts: Characters give Five contracts.
-Refresh: Characters start with 5 Refresh parts, you may spend refresh to buy further Stunts or Contracts. Players must start with a minimum of 1 Refresh.
0Stress and Consequences: Determine your physical and Mental stress.

Step 4: Submit your backstory and character sheet to the character submission forum; here. During this process you will edit and revise the character based on community feedback. Once done the character will be approved!

Sheet details:

High Concept Aspect: This is a short synopsis of the character idea, showing what sort of narrative you are playing. Examples of this can be:  Wise Cracking Logger, Haunted Local Sheriff, No good  Thug with a golden heart, etc.

Kith/Seeming Aspect:  This aspect represents your character Kith and Seeming. This aspect gives narrative freedom to explore the benefits and drawbacks of this. For example the aspect;  Beast Swiftrunner could be invoked for +2 in a foot chase, but your opposition could potentially invoke (or compel!) the same aspect while having an intellectual debate.

Trouble Aspect:  To keep with the NWoD theme, your Trouble aspect should be inspired by one of the Virtues or Vices. This aspect is designed to be compelled (your source of Fate Points!) and should reflect how their virtue or vice makes their life difficult.  In the case of the vices it should show a character negative draw to certain  damaging habits, Virtues should show a draw to follow those virtuous impulses even when other courses of actions might be better.

Relationship Aspect: This aspect needs to directly connect your character, positively or negatively, to another Player Character on the site. This could be a connection to a motley member, or a rival from another court, a romantic relationship, or a family tie, or just about anything else. This aspect should help to anchor the character in the community, and drive entertaining story.

Miscellaneous Aspect: Unique skills and talents, personal philosophies or motivation, habits and history, a relevant quote, community reputation or status, all these and more could be your Miscellaneous Aspect. It’s where you can put anything interesting, compelling, or engaging about the character that hasn’t fit anywhere else.

Physical and Mental Stress: Characters begin with the first two boxes of both stress tracks.  Physique helps with physical stress, and Will helps with mental stress. Either skill grants one more stress box of the respective type (physical or mental) if rated at Average (+1) or Fair (+2), or two more stress boxes if rated at Good (+3) or higher. At Superb (+5) or higher, they also grant an additional mild consequence slot of that type.

Clarity Track: We measure each Changeling’s ability to perceive reality from fantasy with a custom Clarity Track. The Track has three levels, Of Sound Mind, Disturbed, and Unhinged. You can read more about the Clarity Track here.

To calculate your character’s Clarity Track, remove one marker from each level for every rank the character has in the Wyrd skill. Thus, a character with Wyrd 3 would have 8 Of Sound Mind boxes, 5 Disturbed boxes, and 3 Unhinged boxes. Character

Sheet Layout:


High Concept:

(+5) Superb: (None at character creation.)
(+4) Great: (Pick two.)
(+3) Good: (Pick three.)
(+2) Fair: (Pick four.)
(+1) Average: (Pick five. )

Physical Stress: [1] [2] [3] [4] [Mild 2] [Moderate 4] [Severe 6]
Mental Stress: [1] [2] [3] [4] [Mild 2] [Moderate 4 ] [Severe 6]
Of Sound Mind [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]  [Derangement Aspect]                  Disturbed [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [Derangement Aspect]                         
Unhinged [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [Derangement Aspect]




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