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Stunt List

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Stunt List

Post by Mavspade on Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:50 pm

Here is a list of stunts we have created to replicate aspects of the original NWOD merits. This list does not cover all the major merits from NWOD as many of those do not translate or are covered by other elements of the game play mechanics. Along side the stunts listed here, you can find a comprehinsive list of FATE stunts at All character will be reviewed and need approval from storyteller staff.

Stunt list

Specialty (1 refresh): The character chooses a focused specialty to a given skill which grants a passive +1 to any skill check that is relevant to. In the case of a very narrow Specialty it may grant +2 upon storyteller's discretion. Specialties cannot stack for a given role.
Expression: Music (+1)
Academics: History (+1)
Weaponry: Swords (+1)
Firearms: My father's six shooter (+2)

Mantle (Refresh 1 per tier): Mantle is a stunt representing a character's connection to their Seasonal Court. Each tier of Mantle costs 1 refresh and requires the purchase of the one before. Mantle can be used as a supporting skill whenever the character is taking social actions on members of their own court.

Mantle 1: Unlocks access to Contracts of the attuned season. Those contracts are still restricted by Wyrd levels.
Spring: The character is blessed with the grace of Spring. When creating advantages with Rapport the character receives 1 free invocation on a success.
Summer: Summer guides the character's strength, when creating advantages with Physique the character receives 1 free invocation on a success.
Autumn: Members of the Ashen court are attuned to use of Fae magick. When activating a contract with occult they are at +1.
Winter: Members of the Winter court become indistinguishable from their surroundings. When creating advantages with stealth the character receives 1 free invocation a success.

Mantle 2:
Spring: The Spring character's contacts and connections flourish. When rolling overcome/create advantage using contacts the character receives a boost on a success.
Summer: Protected by the heat of summer, the character receives an additional boost on a successful defend action.
Autumn: When creating advantages with empathy or investigation in relation to the Fae, they receive an additional boost on a success.
Winter: Winter courtiers become more attuned to the use of lies and deception. When creating advantages/overcome with Deceive they receive a boost on success.

Mantle 3:
Spring: Rarely does a Spring courtier of this level make a social faux pas. Once per scene they can reroll a social action without the use of a fate.
Summer: Members of the Summer court of this level have a hidden reserve of strength, giving them an extra stress slot.
Autumn: Once per scene an Autumn sorcerer can reroll any occult action without spending a fate.
Winter: Once per scene a Winter courtier can reroll any deceive roll without spending a fate.

Hedge Spinning (Refresh 1:) You known the art of hedge spinning, allowing you to create amazing items known a Hedgespun. These items are crafted using glamour and strange components creating breathtaking and powerful items that are desired by most of Changelings.

You can use Craft (supported by Wyrd) to create these items. The difficulty of this action is determined by the features of the item. The difficulty can increase to the point that most characters would be unable to create them at all without the aid of other advantages. Such advantages represent the different kind of strange materials needed to craft these items. Hedgespun are restricted to 4 features.

The ownership of such items requires the use of a Refresh point.

Hedgespun Features:
Armor 1 (DL 2)
Armor 2 (Dl 4)
Weapon: 1 (Dl 2)
Weapon: 2 (Dl4)
Skill boost +1 (Dl 2)
Aspect (Dl 3)
So for example a Hedgespun raiment that has 1 aspect, and 1 skill boost would be Difficulty 5 to create. A sword with an aspect and weapon 2 would be Difficulty 7.

Trained Hedgespinner (Refresh 1): You are well learned in the craft of hedgespinning, knowing how to work stories and strange components. You get +1 to all hedgespinning.

Master Hedgespinner (Refresh 1): You are a master of the craft, and renowned for your ability to create the most impressive hedgespun items. All difficulty for creating a hedgespun is reduced by -2.

Gentrified Bearing (Refresh 1 Requires Wyrd 3): You have the look and bearings of one of the True Fae; you can Fool hobgoblins and even members of the Gentry at a distance. Receive +2 when you are trying to appear as one of the True Fae.

Lethal Mien (Refresh 1): A part of your mien is deadly, perhaps razor sharp claws, talon feet, or needle like teeth. When you make an attack with Brawl treat it as Weapon 1 (as long as it applies, such things might not harm a beast of rock or massive living tree for example).

Rigid Mask (Refresh 1): Your masks makes it hard for others to read you, hiding your intentions and thoughts. You receive +2 while using Deceive to create advantages or defend while concealing your characters thoughts or trying to be hard to read.

Visionary Dreams (Refresh 1): Once per session your character may have dreams of things to come.

Perfect Stillness (Refresh 1): The changeling is capable of standing absolutely still, and gets +2 to all stealth Rolls to avoid being noticed.

Hedge Gate Sense (refresh 1): The changeling can sense the location of Hedge gates with ease. When rolling Survival or Investigation to track one down they may reroll once for free, picking the higher of the two results. When in close proximity they immediately know where the gate can be found.

Danger Sense (Refresh 1): +2 to detect ambushes with Notice.

Striking Looks (Refresh 1): You're beautiful and easy to spot in a crowd. +2 when using Report to create advantages, when dealing with those who could be sexually attracted to you.

Intimidating Presence(Refresh 1): Maybe you’re massive, maybe you're ugly as sin, or something about you just doesn't sit right. You gain +2 when using Provoke to Intimidate or frighten others.

Fast Reflexes (refresh 1): +1 to notice for calculating initiative order.

Fleet of Foot (refresh 1): Move 2 zones instead of the usual 1.

Outdoorsman (refresh 1): Once per scene you can cancel an Aspect  dealing with an outdoor Environment invoked against you.


Hollow (Refresh  1-3): Hollows are unique spaces carved from the hedge to house changelings. They take form depending on the changeling or motley and can hold many useful tools for the lost.
All hollows come with Aspects and three unique skills representing their benefits.

Once a hollow is bought it can be upgraded at Mileposts.

Wards: The protective magics, traps and more, that keep a hollow secret and safe from intruders. This skill is use to rebuke intruders, hide the hollow or create advantages which would aid in its defense. This skill can be rolled to defend against Notice checks or Burglary checks for those trying to find or breach a hollow. It can also be used to create advantages in its defense.

Denizens: Denizens are hedge beasts, hobgoblins and other faerie creatures that are allowed residence within the hollow. These creatures at lower skill level are small and not to bright, while at higher levels they may be more dangerous or intelligent beings. Denizens can support actions taken in a Hollow and can be used to defend or attack those who are intruding into a hollow.

Archives: The archive skill represents information and research material stored within a hollow, both supernatural and mundane. This skill can be used to support Academic and Occult checks within the hollow, representing the information at the character's disposal. It can also be used to create advantages representing exact pieces of knowledge.

Workshop: The workshop skill represents places of work and materials for crafting or other such endeavors. Workshops could be forges, surgery rooms, artists studios, etc. The workshop is outfitted with tools and equipment to aid a character in endeavours of craft, medicine, science, expression. The skill can be used as a support skill or to create advantages for such works.

Hollow (Refresh 1):
2 Aspects
3 Skill points

Hollow (Refresh 2):
3 Aspects:
5 Skill points

Hollow(Refresh 3):
4 Aspects:
7 Skill points:

Hedge Beast Companion (Refresh 1-3): Some changelings befriend creatures of dreams and the hedge. These entities are unable to breach the mortal realm (at least safely) but can be powerful and useful allies within the hedge, hollows, or even dreams. Each hedge beast comes with a set of aspects and skills determined by its refresh value.

Hedge beasts once bought with refresh can be upgraded at Mileposts.

Hedge beast (Refresh1):
High concept:
Rank 3 Skill (one)
Rank 2 Skills (two)
Rank 1 Skills (three)

Hedge beast (Refresh 2):
High concept:
Rank 4 Skill (one)
Rank 3 Skill (Two)
Rank 2 Skills (Three)
Rank 1 Skills (Four)

Hedge Beast (Refresh3): (Capable of leaving hedge or dreams with a Mask for 24 hours with the spending of a Fate point)
High concept:
Rank 4 Skill (one)
Rank 3 Skill (Two)
Rank 2 Skills (Three)
Rank 1 Skills (Four)
1 Stunt

Tokens (Refresh 1-3): Tokens are unique magical items which have been imbued by the wyrd and stories within the hedge. Each Token has a unique history, making it often one of a kind. A Token cannot be made by the Lost, and instead must be found in the Hedge or bought at a goblin market. Tokens are categorized into three groups depending on power level.

Tokens have defining aspect: this aspect is invoked to show the unique abilities of the token and its general nature.

Tokens also come with drawback aspects. These represent the strange costs, twists of fate and other ills tokens can bring. These are often invoked against the character or compelled.

Lastly Tokens come with their own stunts in three tiers. Limited Stunts, Moderate Stunts, Powerful Stunts.

Limited stunts:
-Often giving a +1 to actions of a particular scope or +2 to opposition of another action
-Switch one specific skill with another specific skill in a specific circumstance
-Upgrade a boost to an aspect (with a free invoke) when doing a specific action
-Add an action to a skill (ex. you can now Attack; now Defend) when doing a specific action

Moderate Stunts:
-+2 to a particular action
-+3 to an action once per scene
-Grant a 2 stress hit once per scene
-Inflict a mild consequence once per scene
Add a +3 opposition to a specific thing

Powerful stunts:
- 2 of any Moderate or limited stunts
- Break the rules in a specific circumstance

Token (Refresh 1)
Defining aspect:
Drawback aspect:
1 Minor stunt:

Token (Refresh 2)
Defining aspect:
Drawback aspect:
Additional aspect:
1 Moderate stunt

Token (Refresh 3)
Defining aspect:
Drawback aspect:
Additional aspect:
1 powerful stunt

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