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The Ancient Pacts
At the forming of the Naukati Freehold, ancient deals were struck with the Wyrd to keep the People of the Woods (True Fae) at bay and to protect their homes. Today these are known as the Ancient Pacts, rites and rituals performed throughout the year. The exact nature of these agreements have long been forgotten or kept secret among the highest ranking of the Autumn court. These rituals and rites are sacred to the Freehold as they are the foundations which keep the Keepers of the Woods back, and while the nature of many of these tasks is horrific, the Freehold follows them (mostly) for fear of the consequences if they don't.

Yearlong Pacts
The Pact Of The Moon: Once a season, Freehold members must drop their mask and embrace their fae nature. This must be done upon a night of the full moon of their choice.

The Pact of Shadow: The old forest gate remains shut and blocked from the people of the woods. None enter and none leave say for but once a year on an unknown date the gate opens, and from it hobgoblins and worse may freely enter the town of Naukati Lake. For twenty-four hours these horrors lurk in the shadows of the town, collecting mortals to take back to Arcadia. The beasts are not to be harmed by the Freehold, and in exchange they will not harm any of the Freeholders.

The Pact of Blood: When the ancient Willow that stands on the island in Naukati Lake bleeds red sap, the Freehold must collect one mortal to give as tribute to the people of forest. The people of the forest in return exchange a fetch to replace the victim within the community. Sometimes the tree goes years without bleeding, sometimes its bark runs red with sap moon after moon.

The Effigy of Silence: Upon the darkest day of the Year, the Winter court holds a masquerade bonfire. Everyone brings with them a secret that is sacrificed to the Winter court. In return each member of the Freehold writes down a wish for the new year and and burns it on the pyre. The wishes are taken by the Wyrd and one at random is granted.

Revel of Desires: Once a celebration that aligned with May day, this celebration now falls during a more modern period of “Spring Break”. The Spring court uses this popular time of tourism to plan their own extravagant affair. The festival lasts three consecutive nights, starting on the shores of lake and finally making its ways deeper into the woods. The centerpiece of this celebration is a harvest of Goblin fruits of which the Freeholders partake, leading to states of ecstasy, hallucinations and other more wild behaviors. However these fruits are specific in nature, coming from a grove deep in the dangerous Hedge and the expedition each year to gather these fruits is dangerous one, and sometimes deadly.

Tournament of Flames: Each summer during the height of hunting season, the mortals of Naukati Lake hold a week celebration featuring many sporting activities. It’s at this time the summer court holds the Tournament of Flames, where members of the freehold are encouraged to participate in the mortal games to win glory and fame. However three challenges are held for Changelings each year, each determined by reading the ashes of the oracle's fire. These challenges can be dangerous and those who complete them are held in high honor. At the end of the tournament a sacred Hedge duel is held, the participants of which may be volunteers, or if none step forward, are chosen by the Summer Sovereign. It is not uncommon for this duel to be used to settle long standing disputes or rivalries within the freehold.

The Ash Run: Each year upon the crowning of the Autumn Sovereign, one person is picked from the Freehold or the town, and set up by the Magister of Nightmares to be the prey for the Ash Run. This victim is abducted and released into the depths of the forests of Naukati at the setting of the sun, at which point the Freehold has until sunrise to hunt down them down.